second time nz..

this time – less time, less rest – more mileage, feeling home – time to leave

1 stopoverstopover- guangzhou, interesting

2home sweet auckland

37bacon.anchovy.avocado – good looking strange mix

3 4mt. tongariro – classic crossing

5 8 7 9heading south

10fast friend

10bendlich urlaub

11lake taylor

12bloody engine

14 13on the way to the angelus hut

16 17 18 19 20f115

21 22lovely marlborough sounds

23 24the real freedom

25 26 27cape brett – tough walk including end of the world end of the world feeling

28 29 30cape reinga– luv this place

31 32 33coromandel peninsula


35melbourne- one of the livelist cities in the world (they say)- not too bad i would say


Meine Lebhaftigkeit333 402015


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