P1090956 P1090965 tel aviv

P1090974west bank, towards the dead sea


P1090983walking from -400 to 0 metres above sea level

P1100013P1100016masada fortress

P1100026dead sea tourism

P1100046 endless ramon crater (negev desert)

P1100036 P1100062church of holy sepulchre aka grabeskirche, jerusalem [max. holy]

WP_20150703_004lovely tel aviv

israel: it’s strange but it’s true. it’s a lovely place with lovely people. but no contact to the real world on the other side of the wall. but at this stage i know israel better and can slightly understand the feeling of being surrounded by nations who at least disrespect you and the only way out is by plane or boat. so israel is the 1st world island in the middle of everything else, fighting/defending not only their religious attitude.


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